Fund Cal Schools

Fund Cal Schools is a grassroots coalition recently formed in the greater Sacramento area in response to the chronic underfunding of California schools.

Our Mission
Fund Cal Schools is dedicated to ensuring California public schools receive full funding, on time, in accordance with funding levels set forth in current law, so they may have fiscal stability and adequate resources to achieve student success.

Along with California voters, we want quality education to be a priority. Our state government however, has not made education a priority. Instead, the legislature and governor have run up billions in deficits owed to public schools and have relied heavily on school payment deferrals to "balance" the state budget.

Current Project
Fund Cal Schools is currently working on returning control of school funding to the voters by putting an initiative on the 2014 California Ballot to stop our government from deferring public school payments. Currently, the school payment (apportionment) schedule is laid out in statutory law. In recent years however, the state legislature and governor have overridden this payment schedule in their annual budgets, adding deferrals instead.

The state of California has an obligation to pay its bills on time, especially for our children's education. The deferral practice is unfair and places undue burden on public schools. This practice can only be stopped via initiative law through public awareness & outcry.

If we, the people of California, vote to enact the payment schedule into initiative law, the government would no longer be allowed to defer billions in payments to our schools without a ¾ majority vote in both houses of the legislature.

To find out how you can help or for further information, please contact us.